Explor Geophysical Ltd. has just completed acquisition of a high-density 3D seismic survey that attained trace densities ranging from five million to seven million seismic traces per square kilometre, beating its previous record, the company said. 

Over 124,000 source points were acquired on a single 150 square kilometre 3D seismic survey.

Operating in completely stakeless mode, Explor also set a new record for single-day source production with over 10,500 source points acquired in 24 hours — an average rate of over 430 source points per hour.  Explor averaged a source point every nine seconds over the 13-day acquisition period.

Since 2014, Explor has moved from legacy densities of 50,000 traces per square kilometre to over seven million traces per square kilometre, over 100 times greater trace densities.  This allows Explor to deliver images of the sub-surface that reveal features that are not visible with existing seismic datasets.

Explor achieved this using the largest static seismic receiver spread in Canadian history, with over 20,000 3-component seismic receivers recording continuously for 24 hours per day.