A National Energy Board (NEB) hearing on TransCanada Corporation’s application for its Dawn long-term fixed price service will be held Sept. 11 and 12 in Calgary.

The proceeding, which also will be audio cast, will begin at 9 a.m. in the NEB hearing room on the second floor of 517-10th Avenue SW.

The proposed new Mainline service from Empress, Alta., to Dawn, Ont., is aimed at enabling western Canadian producers to compete with Marcellus gas. In an open season based on negotiated terms for the service, TransCanada signed up 23 shippers, all western Canadian gas producers, for 10-year contracts at a simplified demand toll of 77 cents per gigajoule, inclusive of the applicable abandonment surcharge and delivery pressure tolls.

If approved by the board, the new service would be available Nov. 1, 1017.