Sayer Energy Advisors has been engaged to assist Avalon Energy Ltd. (“Avalon” or the “Company”) to assist it with the sale of the Company’s Alberta oil properties (the  “Properties”).

  • Avalon main Alberta assets is its 100% working interest Lower Mannville (Sunburst) oil pool in the Murray Lake area of southern Alberta. Avalon’s recent production from the property has averaged approximately 75 barrels of 20° API oil per day.  Avalon’s net operating income from Murray Lake for the first six months of 2017 was $425,000.
  • The Company’s minor properties at Knappen, Long Coulee, Pageant and Majorville are currently producing a total of approximately eight barrels of oil per day and 55 Mcf/d of natural gas.
  • As at August 5, 2017, Avalon’s Properties had a positive deemed net asset value of $2,069,548 (deemed assets of $3,586,852 and deemed liabilities of $1,517,304), with an LLR of 2.36.

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