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Reach thousands of Canadian oil & gas decision makers

Each day, thousands of Canadian energy industry leaders, professionals and senior decision makers use the DOB for insight, analysis and as an essential intelligence source. Daily reach includes:

  • over 8,500 subscribers of the DOB Morning Briefing email alert 
  • over 8,300 subscribers of the DOB Today’s Highlights noon-hour email 
  • over 8,700 subscribers of the DOB Market Breifing email distributed every afternoon
  • over 8,800 subscriberss to the DOB Review email distributed weekly 

Industry leaders choose the DOB as their preferred sources of news, analysis and insight to help them stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.  They choose the Daily Oil Bulletin because it has unsurpassed insight into the Canadian oil and gas Industry.

The DOB editorial team provides original content and has the deepest reporting experience in the industry

The DOB also offers important features that differentiate it in the marketplace:

  • news alerts emailed to users when there is breaking news
  • a comprehensive suite of news, information, analysis, research and thought leadership
  • important data sets including well and drilling activity and oilsands projects

Advertisers can now place their ad in rotation throughout the site with a single ad purchase.

Choose a leaderboard or big box ad position and your ad will appear in rotation on the homepage of, inside article pages of and the Today’s Highlights news alert.

Benefit from a clean subscriber list

Emails including your ads are sent to a clean list of opted-in subscribers who are receptive to marketing messaging. This is in compliance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.